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Consultation Services

Clients are welcome to choose to have RMI teams integrated into their own work force, as sub-contractor incl. subcontracting the entire work, or as consultants.

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Equipment Rental

RMI provides rental services on a range of equipment required on any multitude of project size or scope. Our rental fleet consists of containment, filtration, video inspection and mobile office placement. By looking at the up and growing needs of the industry and to cover all aspects of the business as well as the physical requirements, RMI  has implemented a system to not only book equipment but also utilize the business intelligence to  review  cost of the rental for the duration of the project along with any other itemized items that may have any economical impact on bottom line cost .

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Resource Planning

RMI is committed to providing the up most planning for multiple type of projects and portfolio management  scenarios.  RMI has systems and procedures in place to schedule human resources as well as non human resources ( material and equipment to name a few) which are presented in separate sections for easy analysis based on a project by project basis.  This is preformed for each project and data  analysis is performed from origination to execution .

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Resource Management International (RMI) offers a unique composition of industrial services ranging from equipment rental, sale of selected equipment and facilities to the provision and execution of pre-commissioning and maintenance services to engineering analysis.. This extensive range of diverse services can normally only be found distributed over a large array of companies.  The portfolio of RMI is the result of more than 25 years of industrial service experience accumulated by specialized companies that belong to the international RMI group.


Resource Management International was founded in 2019. Although a young company, it is formed of a team of most experienced individuals in the industry. The international background of the team enables the company to offer a wide range of management and resource provisions on a national and international level.


The company is unique in its field as it integrates the services of providing engineering analysis and support, execution of the work and provision of equipment, in case the client elects to perform certain tasks themselves.. Thereby responding to the client’s requirements of having all resources provided and tailored to its specific requirements under one roof. The highly trained and experienced personnel warrants a holistic understanding of the client’s needs.


At Resource Management International it is understood that every project is different and has its own individual requirements. This allows for the services to be catered to the specific needs of the projects of our clients. Additionally, this minimizes the cost and time of the work and expenditures, permitting the projects to be executed in the most efficient manner.







The Flex-Lancer automation expedites Exchanger Tube Cleaning. Typically employed for cleaning tubes with ID 0.5 inches or greater. The apparatus automates the feed of multiple rotating flex lances (hoses). This system can be used in a broad range of applications including both vertical and horizontal tube banks.




The Hydro-Jet Milling process is a no-hands-on remotely controlled pipe cleaning process. It utilizes both a Hydraulic Feeder and Pneumatic Twister to ensure the precise cleaning of piping systems. Specially designed equipment ensures the overlap of cleaning tracks for full surface coverage. This process is highly recommended for cleaning millscale in new piping (especially steam piping) during the precommissioning stages of new construction projects.




Resource Management International offers Remote Video Inspection (RVI) services to help locate pluggage in process piping and equipment. When used in coordination with the Resource Management International Specialty Cleaning Services, RVI is employed to validate and document cleanliness. Video Inspection is conducted with push rod cameras, magnetic crawler cameras and inline nozzle cameras, all selected based on the process service and condition.




The RMI Tank Spider technology employs 3D Nozzle cleaning heads. The Tank Spider can unfold while in operation and provide effective cleaning of tank ceilings or large diameter vertical tank sections. An optional pneumatic drive makes it possible to control cleaning speeds without disrupting the cleaning operation.




Steam Blows are performed to remove debris from piping systems; such as steam lines, new lines installed during expansion projects or lines installed during new construction. Particular care must be taken to remove debris from steam lines leading to steam turbines. A proven method involving the combination of Hydro-Jet Milling followed by a shorter Steam Blow used only for verification purposes has been endorsed by GE.



The Ultra Dry process is perfect for systems sensitive to residual water left in piping following the cleaning process or open to ambient air during maintenance and or construction. This process uses utilizes oil free air compressors, drying piping to a condition with a dew point of approximately - 35 degrees F.




The Rigid-Lancer apparatus expedites Exchanger Tube Cleaning. It utilizes a fully enclosed track system that retracts as the drive unit pushes rigid lances into and out of multiple tubes in one pass. This process can be employed for cleaning tubes with ID 0.375 inches or greater and tube lengths up to 40 feet.



The Auto-Tube-Flusher allows for tube cleaning with multiple, non-rotating flex lances (hoses). Typically employed for cleaning tubes with ID 0.5 inches or greater. The apparatus when coupled with an RMI X-Y device automates the feed of multiple non-rotating flex lances (hoses).

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Piping Systems or Fractionators can remain in full service during PIO (Pipe in Operation) - Hydro-Jet Milling cleaning operations. This technology eliminates the exposure to internal process gases / hazardous conditions. Fluids similar in composition are used as the cleaning media. XL-Hydro-Jet Milling equipment is introduced through hot taps with emergency shut-off valves and a sealed gland system.




The RMI Rover is a high pressure water jet technology exclusively developed and used by Resource Management International. The RMI Rover cleans piping up to 6 meter (19 feet) in diameter with steep inclines or vertical sections and very log distances from one entry point. Three generations of RMI Rovers are available to clean aqueducts, large sewer systems, hydropower penstock lines, and cooling water systems.  Rover systems provided by Aqua Drill International.




High Velocity Lube Oil Flushing is a precommissioning activity employed to remove any construction debris or contaminants from the lube oil system of a gas/steam turbine to the manufacturer's specifications. This process employs external pump systems that heat and circulate the oil at velocities 8X the normal velocity followed by filtration before returning the system back to service.




Using proprietary equipment, a two-phase mixture of water and air generates highly turbulent flow with considerable force. This process can be employed in cleaning pipes with 3 inch diameter up to 30 inches diameter. Pipe lengths of more than a thousand feet with multiple branches can be cleaned from one entry point, removing loosely adhered particles as small as 20 microns.




The chemical cleaning process begins with filling the systems with quality demineralized water. The concentrations of chemicals then injected into the system are precisely controlled. The chemical - water mixture is circulated and heated to predetermined temperatures. All drums, headers and tubes are flushed to remove loosened insoluble material. An optional passivation step is used to inhibit corrosion before returning the system to service.




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